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  • Touch the child which parts can dissolve them
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        In the process of children to grow up, all kinds of mood is not very good flow and channel, was backlog in the body, and how can parents maximum help children channel?
        This requires parents have soft love, can be channel through the body, the method is very simple, but often do, there will be considerable benefits for children, the following detailed introduction.

        When we are scared, scared, or be criticized, we will subconsciously is located in in a state of "tight" - the whole body is stretched tightly, their muscles become stiff, stare big eyes, taciturn, clenched fist... At the same time, our hearts will be in a tight defensive, no longer have the openness. (animal has a possum or known as frozen state, the people in the face of extreme emotions such as fear, also can be so, that is his frozen, to give up completely to deal with.)
        Under threat and danger, the adult, the child what should I do?
        Strong emotions if not timely comfort, translate into physical form stay inside the body, make muscles, joints, ligaments and stiff, even appear all sorts of pain and disease. Body not only controlled by the brain, but also controlled by the subconscious, the body's ability to feel the emotion and memory, more than 3000 times greater than the mind.
        Emotion is usually through the body, the most real. Get angry easily, for example, my father, his shoulder neck is hard; Easy to blame the mother, her waist back often ache; Easy to complain about grandma, is likely to have digestive problems... These are the performance of the rigid body, and the stiffness is the result of emotional energy deposition.
        Chinese medicine theory is that people's emotions and viscera, meridian, interlinked unnecessary emotional energy become the obstacles of the body, general clauses pain, imbalances in the body. Asked the element theory of Yin and Yang should be like a big "is put forward:" happy sad ", "anger hurt liver," "sad lung", "thought the spleen injury", "sad", "fear of kidney damage," "bravery". In a nutshell, the flow of the emotion in the human body through the nerves, channels and collaterals, body fluids, transmission or other organizations to implement, if all of a sudden, intense or prolonged emotional stimuli, the body will appear a lot of energy transmission, the range of normal physiological activities of the human body itself, resulting in disorder, clogged. Performance on the body, there will be various abnormal reaction, pain, oppressed, diarrhea, and even cause disease.
        Emotional impact leads to the abnormal reaction of the body, is an obvious in young children: when the child is frightened, nervous, or continuously under a state of stress, there may be a fever and diarrhea, and even some difficult to find out the reason and hard to cure disease. Dissolve the way actually is also very simple, because the child's mind and emotions are simple and transparent. For him, the biggest negative emotions is fear - the fear of separation (especially with the separation of parents), and the biggest demand is a sense of security. So as long as give enough love comfort is ok, don't even need a professional massage therapist and professional massage technique, mother's hand with the touch of love, is the most effective.
        Young children has not been able to fully understand the complicated language, people around you tone of voice, body posture, etc., their influence is more important, body touch, is far better than the language of communication. Therefore, often pull the child to her bosom, hug him, touch him, even if only a short span of five minutes, even if what all don't speak, can let him feel the love, let him to relax.
        Waist for the inner parts of kidney, is the place of life, touch here, can increase energy for the child. Spend a little time every day, the baby in her arms, gently touch his stomach and waist, can help relieve mood, he let the children feel love and warm, more secure. Can also be kneading the inside of the arms, legs, and palms and soles, it also helps to get through emotional channel, many in the child's psychological energy.
        When the child is frightened by suddenly, rigid fear energy deposition in the body. Might as well as along a vertical bar on the left side of the spine, between the shoulder blades, transversely upon ligaments and meridian, let this position to become soft, is ok. Also can massage the chest, that is, the position of the holes in the shan, clockwise kneading, help to show emotion.
        When children feel sad, to hand on the caring and love the da-zhui acupuncture point (namely the cervical vertebra, 7 about neck and shoulder connected), even if the child cry, assiduously hand don't need to move, my mother does not a warm hand gently touch, natural energy can be rigid to solve. It also can let the child feel there is a force for support behind, it is also important for them. If the child cry too far, might as well put a hand on his back, down the spine from the da-zhui acupuncture point, large areas to massage, touch range can be spread to the spine on both sides of the bladder, until the Ming hole (that is, the lumbar spine), can effectively eliminate emotional energy.
        When children feel fear, put his hand on the child's neck, when he felt supported, fear will reduce. At the same time, you can put your other hand on his stomach in above (i.e., below the navel and pubis), knead move slowly. The parts of the kidney, fear usually within here. When this fear as knead move out, the child may release it by crying.
        If a child is in a state of nervous, for example because during the day to play too crazy at night is not quiet down, unable to sleep, my mother can pull him into his arms, put his hand on his neck and back, just put it there. Take a deep breath and then to the child said: "you, and my mother together, feel the mother's hand give you energy, heat transfer in..." Compared with "not skin!" "Go to sleep!" , the heart with him, to give company, is the best.
        Every part of the spine corresponds to a specific age group, also corresponds to some particular emotional energy. A targeted massage, get better effect.
        Sacrum 0 ~ 3 years old. The storage place of fear, when the child was frightened, you can touch his bottom, there will be a magical effect.
        The waist 5 ~ 6 years old. Touch here, also helps to let children feel the love, support and care.
        7 ~ 14 years old Lumbar section 1, section 8 ~ 9 thoracic spine. Touch this part, every day can help children released his savings in the growing experience of emotion.
        Want to give children a soft touch, mom and dad want to let your body soft. Negative emotions can cause the pressure of the body, not only excessive positive emotions will actually have the same effect. So, what is the crux of the problem lies not in the mood, but in how to deal with it. When the flow through the body of strong emotions, depression is often unsatisfactory, if they were intercepted, prosperous, would stay in the body, forming the disorders of the body, on the contrary, if let them flow, come and go, won't leave negative effects.
        Therefore, if want to cry, you cry, because crying is not emotional, but to help us deal with sad mood, when we are free to sadness vent, does not have body how much damage; Likewise, if you want to smile, just smile laugh chang, if anger, Shouting out... In the same way that a oneself to like, feel comfortable, to release emotions, to empty, is the best protection to the body. This suit and not resist attitude, love is a kind of soft, thus we get, will be a soft body: free venation, physically fit, action, lithe muscle full of elasticity. Let emotions freely in and out of, the body is no longer for their leisurely, block hard and harden.

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